All Heavy Goods Trailers (including semi-trailers) having a permissible maximum weight exceeding 3,500kg are required to be registered at the Motor Tax Office including brand new and imported trailers.

From 29th October 2012 onwards certain categories of Heavy Goods Trailers must be accompanied by a Type Approval Certificate in order to be licensed for the first time in Ireland. (Form TF300A (pdf) Weight Identification Certificate for Type Approved/Imported Trailer/ Semi-Trailer)

  • Complete trailer manufactured in one single stage by a single manufacturer on or after 29th October 2012
  • Completed trailer manufactured in more than one stage ie by more than one manufacturer on or after 29th October 2013
  • Special Purpose trailer manufactured on or after 29th October 2014

Trailers manufacture prior to 29th October 2012 and Heavy goods Trailers which are designed to be towed exclusively by agricultural tractors and trailers which are designed and constructed exclusively for use by the Defence Forces, Civil Defence, Garda Síochána or Fire Services are exempt from the requirement to have a Type Approval Certificate regardless of their date of manufacture. (Form TF300B (pdf) Weight Identification Certificate for a Trailer outside the Scope of Type Approval)

To Apply for a First Licence you will need:

  • Completed TF100 (pdf)
  • TF300A (pdf) or TF300B (pdf) (further details of what may need to be submitted is on the application form)
  • Fee of €60.00 made payable to Cork County Council

There is also a legal requirement to license trailers annually at the Motor Tax Office.  There is no fee charged for this.  (Form TF100 (pdf) – used for the registration and licensing of trailers/semi trailers).

All Trailers over one year old must hold a current Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Certificate.

Change of Ownership of a Trailer

It is important to remember that the onus is always on the seller to ensure that the Change of Ownership notification is completed correctly and submitted without delay to the Motor Tax Office. The following is to be submitted:

  • TF200 (pdf) – This form should be signed by both the buyer and the seller of the Trailer.
  • TF5 – Trailer Card.

Change of Particulars of a Trailer

  • The following is to be submitted:
  • TF100 (pdf)
  • TF5 – Trailer Card.

For update of VIN/Chassis Number to full number we will also need certification from the Approved Test Centre issuing the Pass Statement and CRW.

Scrapped/Destroyed Trailer

Return TF5 Trailer Licence Card to Motor Tax Office together with notice of scrappage/destruction.

Export of Trailer

Notify Motor Tax Office of intention to Export and Country of Export

Contact the Motor Tax Office for further assistance if required. (021) 4544566.