Motor Tax Postal Service

Cork County Council provides a Motor Tax Postal Service with a high turnaround.  In 2018, 95% of correct applications were processed and returned on the day they were received.

Motor tax renewal form RF100B is issued by the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport to existing postal customers a number of weeks prior to the renewal date of motor tax.  A PREPAID envelope is provided with this for your convenience.

Remember to send:

  • Fully completed Motor Tax Form signed by the applicant.  There is no need to send NCT Certificate or Certificate of Roadworthiness.
  • Appropriate fee
  • Arrears are to be paid for any lapsed months since last taxing or date of sale.  Manual Renewal Form RF100A (pdf) is to be completed in such cases. For Motor Tax Rates see Link
  • For the Applicant’s first time taxing of a goods vehicle that has a Gross Vehicle Weight of 3,500kg or less (light goods) we require a completed RF111A (pdf) (Goods Only Declaration Form) and a Weight Docket for the Unladen Weight.  We also require an Insurance Certificate stating that the vehicle is insured for the carriage of goods in the course of a trade or business. The vehicle must also have a current Certificate of Roadworthiness (no need to send this with the application).
  • A change of ownership can be processed in conjunction with a tax application or a Statutory Off The Road Declaration.
  • If there is any Change of Particulars to be made an RF111 (pdf) is required and the Registration Certificate should be sent so as to have the change updated and a new Certificate issued.

Payment Methods:

  • Credit / Debit Card
  • Money Order / Postal Order
  • Bank Draft
  • Cheque


Cheques/Postal Orders/Money Orders/Bank Drafts are to be made payable to Cork County Council and crossed to Motor Tax A/C.

Please give correct card number (this is normally sixteen digits in length), expiry date and cardholder signature if paying by card.