Motor Tax Forms

RF100A – Motor Tax Renewal Form
RF105 – Transfer of Ownership to Motor Dealer
RF111 – Change of Particulars Form
RF111A – Goods Only Declaration Form
RF111B – Recovery Vehicle Declaration
RF120 – Refund of Motor Tax
RF134 – Replacement Documents Form
RF150 – Statutory off Road Declaration
RF200 – Transfer of Vehicle Registered prior to 01/01/1993
RF700 – Trade Licence Application Form
TF100 – Trailer/ Semi-Trailer
TF200 – Transfer of Trailer Ownership
TF300A – Weight Identification Certificate for a Type Approved/Imported Trailer
TF300B – Weight Identification Certificate for a Trailer outside of the Scope of Approval
Weighmaster’s Certificate
Island Vehicle Declaration

Youth & Community Bus Declaration

Summary of Documents