Inchydoney West

Inchydoney West Beach

Status of bathing water: Blue Flag

Inchydoney West Beach is a sandy south facing beach located at the north east of Clonakilty Bay. The beach is backed by sand dunes. The beach is quite open to rough weather conditions. Sea lettuce has been an issue at Inchydoney West beach however a multi-agency Task Force was set up in 2009 to address this issue. To the west there is a channel which drains a tidal lagoon and sand flats known as Muckruss Strand.

Inchydoney West Beach is included in the Clonakilty Bay SAC, (Site code 000091), and this area is also a proposed NHA. The SAC includes Muckruss Strand, most of the adjoining Cloheen Strand, this same area is also designated as Clonakilty Bay SPA, (Site code 004081). The Inchydoney Beach bathing area is approximately 450m long, and the bathing water is approximately 0.135km2 in area. The beach is a relatively gently sloping, sandy beach.

Bathing Water Profile: Inchydoney