Survey of Community Groups RE Climate Action

'What does your community group want to do about climate change? Participate in our survey!'

Cork County Council are undertaking a survey of community groups in Cork County with the following objectives:

  • To understand the needs of community groups in the County in relation to initiating climate action projects at a local level (most particularly the needs outside of financial support/assistance) 
  • To inform the work programme that the Council is developing in relation to its role of ‘influencing communities’.
  • To develop a database of community groups involved in climate action which we will map for the County and have available online.


  • A report on the needs identified by community groups in terms of climate action.
  • An online map of community groups who are undertaking climate action projects.

When:  The survey has a return date of Monday 29th July.

If you are a community group based in County Cork, we would appreciate it if you would complete the survey by clicking the link at the bottom of this page:

Should you require further information, please contact