Tenant Purchase (Incremental Purchase Scheme)

You must be the tenant of a Local Authority property available for sale, and you or any co-tenant must be in receipt of social housing support for a minimum period of Ten years with a minimum reckonable income (income from all sources) of €11,000.

If you earn between €11,000 - €20,000  60% Discount Charged Period 30 years
If you earn between €20,001 - €29,999  50% Discount Charged Period 25 years
If you earn €30,000+  40% Discount Charged Period 20 years

Under the scheme, a tenant of Cork County Council pays the authority a discounted price related to his or her income in order to purchase the house at an agreed market value. On completion of the sale, Cork County Council places an incremental purchase charge on the house equal to the discount granted  (eg. 40%/50%/60%). The incremental purchase charge will wither away to nothing over the charging period in annual incremental releases of 2%, provided that the purchaser complies with the terms and conditions of the transfer order. The incremental releases for the first five years of occupancy will not be applied until that period has expired.

  • You (or any joint tenant) must have been in receipt of social housing support for a minimum of Ten years on the date of making the application to purchase
  • You must have a minimum reckonable annual income of €11,000 per annum
  • Your rent must be paid up to date – a house cannot be sold to a tenant, wherein the 3 years prior to applying to purchase, was in arrears of Rent, Rent contributions, Charges, Fees or any other charges owed to a Housing Authority or an Approved Housing Body for an accumulated period of more than 12 weeks in respect of a dwelling or site provided as social housing support. If you have entered into rescheduling arrangements with Cork County Council, this disqualification does not apply – Provided that you are adhering to those arrangements
  • You must not have previously purchased a house under an earlier Tenant Purchase Scheme from a Housing Authority
  • Cork County Council may refuse to sell a house to a tenant if the tenant or any household member is or was engaged in anti-social behaviour or on the ground of good estate management

Contact Details: Tenant Purchase (Incremental Purchase Scheme), Housing Dept, Cork County Council, Floor 4, County Hall, Cork.
Tel: (021) 4285791, Email: TPS2016@corkcoco.ie  or please use our online Enquiry Form.