Summer Reading Programme

Enjoy the fun and excitement of reading as Cork County Council Library and Arts Service celebrates this throughout the month of April.  

Story-time supports concentration, communication skills and development of creativity and imagination in children.  We would love to invite children and their parents and carers to join in and experience the joy of story-time with us!  Some of our branches will have readings from library staff and all of these sessions will be completely free of charge.

You can bring the magic of story-time home by visiting the library and borrowing books.  Our libraries will have plenty of great stories available.  Why not establish a new routine, turn off the screens and try to devote some family time to reading? 

Bedtime stories can help foster a bond between parents and children, promote relaxation by lowering stress levels and develop literacy skills.

“You can find magic wherever you look.  Sit back and relax all you need is a book!” – Dr. Seuss

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