What Can You Do with Work Matters?

Are you looking for a job or a career change? Are you thinking of starting your own business?
The Work Matters service at your library is a perfect place to explore research and learn new skills.
Work Matters is a national initiative and partnership between Cork County Libraries and Libraries Ireland. It is available in all 25 Branches across the county.

You Can

  • Explore career information.
  • Learn about supports available for jobseekers.
  • Develop new skills to boost your CV and job application.
  • Search and apply for jobs in Ireland and abroad.
  • Research companies and potential suppliers.
  • Develop new skills to plan, start and grow your own business.
  • Research funding sources for small businesses.
  • Explore the market and identify potential customers.
  • Research your competitors.
  • Connect with like-minded people and share experiences.