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Brexit Adjustment Local Authority Marine Infrastructure Scheme 2022-2023

Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine - ‘Brexit Adjustment Local Authority Marine Infrastructure Scheme 2022-2023 (BALAMI 2022-2023).

In January 2022, the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine announced ‘Brexit Adjustment Local Authority Marine Infrastructure Scheme 2022-2023 (BALAMI 2022-2023) which was to provide funding to Coastal Local Authorities.

The objective of the Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR) is to provide support to counter the adverse economic, social, territorial and, where appropriate, environmental consequences of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union in Member States, including their regions and local communities, and sectors, in particular in those that are most adversely affected by the withdrawal, and to mitigate the related negative impact on the economic, social and territorial cohesion. This Scheme is designed to support economic sectors, businesses and local communities and to support job creation and protection by distributing BAR funds to enhance, upgrade, modernise and develop Ireland’s publicly owned coastal and marine infrastructure to facilitate diversification of economic opportunities.

The Seafood Taskforce recommended that the Brexit Adjustment Reserve be used to fund rejuvenation of Ireland’s coastal and marine infrastructure specifically to address the economic consequences of Brexit arising from the implications to the Irish fishing industry. The Seafood Taskforce recommended that the Scheme focus on small-scale ‘shovel-ready’ projects to give immediate construction stimulus to the coastal communities affected.

Coastal local authorities were invited to submit proposals for the improvement, enhancement and/or upgrading of coastal/marine infrastructure in the local authority’s ownership. In March 2022 Cork County Council submitted applications for 15 ‘shovel ready’ projects under the scheme.

On the 29th of April 2022, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) approved 14 out of the 15 projects submitted by Cork County Council with a project value of €5,487,861. The projects are listed below and are required to be completed by November 2023.


Project title

Eligible project costs

Status September 2022

Ballycotton Dredging


Construction Q3 2023

Courtmacsherry Dredging



Fishermans Pontoon


Construction Q2 2023

Ballycotton Sea Wall


At Construction

Baltimore harbour


At Construction

Laheratanvally Pier


Construction Q1/2 2023

Pallas Pier



Turk Head Pier


Construction Q4 2022

Green Quay Youghal


At Construction

Kinsale Slips phase 2


Construction Q4 2022

Glengarriff Dredging


Construction Q2 2023

Cunnamore Pier


At Construction

Glandore Pier


Construction Q4 2022

Heir Island Pier


At Construction

Cork County Council have been progressing all 14 projects over the past number of months with a number of these projects at construction. Works for Courtmacsherry Dredging and Pallas pier have been completed. A photo of complete improvement works at Pallas pier is included below.

Pallas Pier prior to works being completed
Pallas Pier works where ladders, T-bars and toe-rails were replaced