Cork County Council Embarks on a Visionary Journey Towards Green Energy Excellence in Cork Harbour and Coastline

The Cork County coast and harbour offers unlimited potential in terms of green energy prospects. With increasing demands in this area and opportunities for related industry, businesses and employment, recognition of the co-ordination of state, semi-state and investors is needed to ensure this potential is fully maximised.  

With a proven track record in leadership and its long-standing focus on the Cork Harbour Economy, Cork County Council wishes to establish a governance structure which will ensure the potential for green energy production is guaranteed to provide long term benefit for Cork Harbour, the county’s coast, industry, for Ireland and most importantly for people.

Cork County Council will start this process by bringing stakeholders together and developing a comprehensive Cork Harbour and Coastline Green Industrial and Economic Strategy.  Procurement for services to prepare this high-level scoping document have begun and will focus on green industrial development opportunities, with a primary emphasis on large-scale offshore wind energy production around the Cork coastline from large scale offshore wind energy production.

Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr. Frank O’Flynn welcomed the strategy saying,

Cork County's coast and harbour offer vast green energy possibilities. We are committed to unlocking this potential for the benefit of our region, our industry, and our communities, ensuring a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future for all.

Tim Lucey, Chief Executive of Cork County Council, said,

In the realm of offshore energy and economic development, Cork's coast and harbour are unrivalled in Ireland. This recognition is growing and the demand for harnessing this potential is evident.  The creation of this strategy is an exciting prospect with the full strategy set for completion in 2024.  Cork County Council's commitment to sustainable, green energy initiatives stands as a testament to our dedication to driving positive change for the environment and the economy.