Construction & Demolition Waste

Under waste legislation Construction and Demolition Waste is defined as ‘all waste that arises from construction, renovation and demolition activities’.

It includes soil and stone, surplus and damaged products and materials arising at construction works or used temporarily during on-site activities together with dredge spoil. 

  • If you are responsible for carrying out a construction and demolition project, you must ensure that you have a waste management plan for all waste generated as a result of this activity AND ensure that it is segregated so that it can be reused, recycled or disposed of in an appropriate way. 
  • Where construction or demolition wastes cannot be reused or recycled, that waste must be transported to authorised waste facilities using the services of authorised waste collectors. 

In summary you will need to:

  • Estimate the amount of waste to be generated.
  • Wastes generated on site must be segregated into individual types , where possible.
  • All waste moved off site, including soil and stone must be :
    • Collected by authorised waste collectors (as authorised by the National Waste Collection Permit Office, www.nwcpo.ie.
    • Taken to authorised waste facilities. A list of authorised sites is available at facilityregister.nwcpo.ie.

TIER 1 Resource and Waste Management Plan (RWMP) Form (pdf)