Can I apply for a transfer?

Tenants of the Council, including tenants of dwellings provided under the Social Housing Leasing Initiative, RAS, HAP, or by AHB’s may apply for consideration for a transfer to other dwellings, under the following circumstances:

  • Overcrowding
  • Where older persons and other households wish to move to smaller accommodation (downsizing)
  • Medical or compassionate reasons
  • On grounds of being a victim of Anti-Social Behaviour if proved where the Council’s Estate Management Unit and An Garda Siochana support the transfer application
  • Other exceptional circumstances
  • To facilitate the incremental purchase, where the Council has consented to such a purchase

Will Cork County Council always agree to a transfer request?

The Council will facilitate a transfer request if deemed valid and necessary. All transfer requests are dependent on your existing property being in a suitable condition for immediate re-letting and free from any arrears with a satisfactory record of regular payments.

Notwithstanding the above, tenants seeking a transfer must fulfil the following requirements to the satisfaction of the housing authority:

  • Hold tenancy in their present dwelling, for a period of at least two years
  • Clear rent account – any transfer will take account of rent arrears but allowances may be made where an agreement is in place, and being adhered to by the tenant to address any such arrears over an agreed period of time
  • Have kept their dwelling in satisfactory condition, subject to inspection
  • Have complied with the conditions of their Tenancy Agreement and no have no record of Anti-Social Behaviour

Priority may be given to a household in receipt of social housing support where the property occupied is no longer available to them through no fault/act of their own, either because the house is not owned by the Council or because the house is no longer available for occupation as a social housing support i.e. rental accommodation availability arrangements, long-term leasing initiatives etc.

Mutual transfer applicants, including transfers between tenants of different housing authorities, voluntary housing developments, leased units etc. shall be considered on their merits.

Applicants who were transferred to RAS prior to the introduction of the Social Housing Assessment Regulations 2011, on the 01 April 2011, will be considered for Social Housing as “transfer applicants”. Such transfer applicants will be given credit for their time on the housing waiting list from the date of their approved housing application. Allocations shall be made to such tenants in accordance with the Order of Priorities as set out in Cork County Council’s Allocation Scheme.  

The Refusal Policy, as per Cork County Council’s Allocation Scheme, will also apply to applicants for a Transfer. In the case of emergency or exceptional medical/compassionate grounds, the Council may forgo any or all of the above conditions in granting a transfer of tenancy.

Where a tenant is granted a transfer, the tenants involved must accept their new dwellings in its existing condition.  The existing property must be returned to Cork County Council in an acceptable condition and no rubbish or waste materials must be left behind.

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