Disabled Strategy

Housing Persons with a Disability

The National Housing Strategy for People with a Disability 2011 - 2016, published in 2011, and the associated National Implementation Framework, which are joint publications by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government and the Department of Health were developed in conjunction with A Vision for Change (the Government’s mental health policy) and a Time to Move on from Congregated Settings (the Report of the Working Group on Congregated Settings) to support people with disabilities in community based living with maximum independence and choice.

Priority Action 1.1 of the National Implementation Framework is - Access to Social Housing: Ensure equitable access for people with disabilities to relevant social housing supports.

A key measure in the delivery of this action is the development by each individual Housing Authorities of a strategy to meet the identified housing needs of people with physical, intellectual, mental health and sensory disabilities locally. 
This strategy (pdf) has been prepared by the Cork City and County Housing and Disability Steering Group to reflect this priority action. It was recognised that many of the stakeholders in both authorities are the same and it, therefore, was more expedient to have one steering group covering both areas to avoid duplication while developing a separate strategy for each of the administrative areas.

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