Residents Association in Council Estates

When a Residents Association is set up the following needs to be in place to obtain Council support:  A general meeting held where all households are invited to attend; Nominations/Volunteers for the committee (This can be done at the meeting).

When the committee is in place the following officers need to be elected. It can be easier this way as people might not be inclined to let their name to go forward for specific positions in a public forum:

  • Chairperson
  • Hon Secretary
  • Treasurer

While an Assistant Secretary can be done without, you should have 2 people handling money : Assistant Treasurer; Trustees.

 You will also need:

  • Bank account opened in the name of the Association. Two of three nominated committee members should be available sign cheques or make withdrawals
  • Contact made with agencies that can help eg: Community Garda, SECAD, Foiroige, and HSE Community Worker
  • Action plan for the first year
  • The Committee can apply for funding and for Public Liability Insurance