E-Language Learning

Online Language Learning

Transparent Language Online will help you learn more than 100 languages online with a wide variety of activities that involve listening, reading, speaking (allowing you to compare your pronunciation to a native speaker) and writing. 


What it offers:

  • Over 100 Languages (and Growing!): From Afrikaans to Zulu, the number of languages available is constantly growing.
  • Extensive English Collection: With English materials for speakers of over 25 languages, an intermediate-level immersion course, and more, it has the tools for every stage of learning English.
  • Alphabet Lessons: If you want to learn to read and write, you need to first know the alphabet. Get started on the right foot with its alphabet course.
  • Speaking Practice: It enables classic learning activities like multiple choice and pronunciation practice, allowing you to compare your pronunciation to that of a native speaker.
  • Typing Activities: Never typed in a foreign language? No problem! Beginners start with Easy Typing to input foreign characters. Intermediate learners can advance to type with the included fully-mapped native keyboard.
  • Grammar:  An extensive collection of videos and written explanations covers hundreds of grammar topics, providing learners with a strong foundation to build upon.
  • KidSpeak: introduces your children to English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Mandarin Chinese. The program teaches words and phrases suitable for learners’ age, needs, and interests. More than 40 activities, puzzles, and songs guide young learners through the basics, along with a cartoon “friend” who speaks the language.

You can download the Transparent Language App on an IOS device or Android device. Alternatively, you can visit Transparent Language Online via your browser. All you need is your library number and your e-mail address to register.

If you have any questions or need help accessing Transparent Language Online, contact us by e-mail or phone (021) 4546499.

If you are experiencing technical problems, please e-mail

Helpful guides available are:

Online guide to redirect your account from RBdigital to Transparent Language Online (pdf).

Transparent Language Online Guide (pdf).

Downloading the Transparent Language Mobile App (pdf).

Kidspeak Access Guide (pdf).