Social Issues Collection

The Library aims to provide books for children which address a range of social and personal issues and can be used by parents and teachers as gentle introductions to complex issues in terms that young children can understand. These include the following subjects:

  • Dealing with feelings and emotions
  • Choosing to do the right thing in different social situations
  •  Overcoming fears and anxieties
  • How to make friends and interact with other people
  • Behavioural books
  • First Look series; at different life events and social issues
  • New experiences and how your child can deal with them 

Such books are a great way to introduce social awareness to children and help them to better understand themselves, others and the world around them. 

Information on the full collection can be found here (pdf).

Cork County Library provides a wide range of resources and activities which supports schools in developing children’s literacy, numeracy, creativity and communication skills.

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