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Burial Grounds

Burial grounds (cemeteries) are the responsibility of the Local Authority. Each burial ground where plots are available for sale has a Registrar to manage the sale of plots for that cemetery.  In some cases, the Registrar or caretaker will also maintain the burial ground.  

Burial ground information is divided divisionally between North, South & West of the county.  If you wish to purchase a burial plot, please contact the relevant cemetery registrar on the following link: 'Burial Ground Details with Registrars for North, South and West Cork'.

Once the allocation forms are submitted to the relevant office by the registrar, an invoice will issue to you for payment of the plot. Once payment is received, you will then be issued with a Certificate of Right of Burial.

Please note that many burial grounds (graveyards) are already full.  In some cemeteries, due to capacity issues there are restrictions on the advance purchase of burial plots. The purchasing of burial plots is subject to the Cemetery bye-laws, as adopted by the Elected Members.

Parishes operate some burial grounds while local groups also maintain other burial grounds.

All burials must be registered with Cork County Council and the location of the grave noted by the Registrar.

Cork County Council is in the process of digitizing historical burial ground records in the county and this information is being made available on the following link: Cork Burial Records Database.