Municipal Districts Operations & Rural Development

Derelict Sites & Dangerous Structures

Derelict Sites

A Derelict Site means any property or land which detracts, or is likely to detract, to a material degree from the amenity, character, or appearance of land in the neighbourhood in question because of neglected or unsightly condition.

Under the Derelict Sites Act 1990 the Council is obliged to issue a notice to the owners of the site/property to remedy the site/property non-derelict. 

If you want to report a Derelict Site, please do so in writing to your local Municipal District Office, with a map that outlines the area or property. Please note that complainant details are confidential.

What are the steps to putting a site on the Derelict Site Register?

  1. A complaint is received in writing;
  2. An inspection is carried out to ascertain the situation on site;
  3. If not derelict, file is closed and complainant is informed;
  4. If derelict, a notice is served to  carry out specific works within a timeframe;
  5. A second inspection will be carried out to see if works have been completed by owner(s);
  6. If works are complete, file is closed, complainant is informed;
  7. If works are not completed, a second notice is served, and if no improvements are made, the property is placed on the Derelict Sites Register;
  8. Levies and Interest are applied annually to derelict sites.

Dangerous Structures 

The Local Government (Sanitary Services) Act, 1964 provides for Local Authorities to deal with dangerous structures. A Notice can be served on owners of property deemed to be dangerous requiring that specific works to eliminate danger (Section 3(1) notice) be carried out thereby rendering the property safe. The provisions of the Act:

  1. Enable a prosecution to be brought against owners who do not comply with notices served
  2. Require a register to be maintained by the Local Authority
  3. Empower the Local Authority to carry out the necessary works itself and to charge the owners for the cost
  4. Empower compulsory purchase of land on which a dangerous structure was/is located

Further information is available from: 

You can contact your Municipal District Office should you require further information.