Roads and Transportation

Section 38 - Proposed Safe Routes to School Zone, Casement Road (L 2031-0), Bandon Co Cork

Cork County Council

Road Traffic Act 1994

Proposed Safe Routes to School Zone including, a raised table controlled pedestrian crossing, junction improvements, new footpath, pedestrian priority zones, on (L2031-0) Casement road, Bandon, Co Cork.

Casement Road (L 2031-0), Bandon Co Cork, Pursuant to the provisions of Section 38 of the Road Traffic Act, 1994, Cork County Council hereby gives notice of its intention to introduce the following road works on the L 2031-0, Casement Road, Bandon, Co. Cork;

  • upgrade existing controlled pedestrian crossing to include a raised table,
  • school zone
  • kerb alignment
  • signage
  • road lining
  • raised table pedestrian crossings at Meadowlands, Avondale Drive, Casement Road, Woodland Mews, The Glasslyn & Well road
  • construct new footpath to create designated pedestrian linkage along Casement Road
  • formalise existing vehicle give -way system within existing space constraints
  • Pedestrian priority zones to be designated by use of an appropriate coloured surface finish with local vehicular access retained.
  • Hard and soft landscaping and all associated works

The works will involve the construction and installation of kerb alignments, raised table pedestrian crossings, pedestrian priority zones, road markings and associated works.

Drawings and particulars of the proposed project are available for inspection:

  1. Below in the 'Document Summary' section,
  2. Cork County Council, Bandon Area Engineers office Glasslynn Road, Bandon, Co. Cork,

and may be inspected during normal offices hours from 9am on Friday 8th July  until 5pm Thursday 4th August  2022 inclusive. However, if COVID-19 travel restrictions return, all interested parties are directed to Option 1 above. If COVID-19 travel restrictions are not in place during the public consultation period, then Option 2 is also available.

If a person is unable to access the information online as detailed above, then they may contact the Bandon Area Engineers Office (tel: 023- 8841181 ) to request a copy of the documents and these may then be posted or emailed for their review.

Submissions regarding the proposal may be made;

Or in writing to:

  • Senior Engineer, Capital Programme Implementation Unit, Floor 11, County Hall, Carrigrohane road, Cork.

on or before 5 pm on Thursday 4th  August 2022.

Please include the Section 38 project title (as per the above notice) on all submissions and correspondence sent to Cork County Council relating to this project. It should be noted that the Freedom of Information Act applies to all records held by Cork County Council.

Director of Services

8th July 2022.