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Winter Service Plan 2023-2024 for Roads

Cork County Council’s Roads Directorate is responsible for the maintenance of the largest road network (12,200 km) of any local authority in the country.

This Winter Service Plan attached provides the framework for dealing with winter weather conditions.

Cork County Council Winter Service Plan 2023-2024 (pdf)

Road Treatment Routes

The objective of the winter maintenance programme is to provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, for the safe movement of road users on the National Roads and other strategic routes during adverse weather conditions. As it is not feasible to treat all public roads, it is necessary to create a schedule of route prioritisation. Routes are designated a priority rating of between 1 and 3, based upon the road classification, the traffic volume carried, public transport usage, and the importance of the route on a national, regional, or local level.

Click the following link to view the Road Treatment Routes Map.

The priority rating assigned to a particular route also has an associated stated level of service to be delivered on the route as outlined in the following table:

Route Designation Description Level of Service
Priority 1 Those routes which are essential to be kept serviceable in all weather conditions, as far as reasonably practicable, (Red). To be treated during all-weather events
Priority 2 Those routes which are desirable to be kept serviceable in normal winter weather conditions, as far as reasonably practicable, (Blue). To be treated as part of the winter service on nights where widespread ice / frost on roads is anticipated. There may be interruptions to treatment in certain severe weather events where efforts need to be concentrated on Priority 1 Routes. 
Priority 3 Those routes that could be kept serviceable once Priority 1 and 2 routes have been treated, if resources allow, (Green). Not treated as part of the normal winter service but may receive intermittent treatment during certain weather events

In Ireland, there can be nights when temperatures are very close to zero. This makes it more difficult to accurately predict frost than in colder countries. 

It takes a number of hours to organise a salting route and operations, meaning that some journeys may start or end on an untreated section of the route.

In heavy rain, salt can be washed away, and the wet surface may subsequently freeze if the temperature falls below zero.


Footpaths, cycleways, and other local roads will be treated in towns, villages, and city environs, as local resources permit when a prolonged period of snow / icy conditions occur.

NOTE: The Motorways, Dual Carriageways (including the road from Mallow to Cork) in County Cork are now treated by a contractor on behalf of Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), any enquiries should be made to the following number: 0818 715100.


In freezing conditions, always drive with great care even if the road has been salted.

Be Winter Ready

For more information on helping to make you, your home and your business more resilient and prepared for severe weather follow the link below:

Be Winter Ready.

Grit Locations

Grit will be made available at multiple locations across the county for use by local communities.

  1. Grit will be made available for Community use in rural areas at stockpiles. Stocks will be put in place in the first week of November and can be replenished as required by contacting the Municipal District Engineer's Offices.
  2. The Council does not accept any liability for issues arising from the use of grit made available at the stockpiles and notes the advice issued by the Attorney General and the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government.

Cork County Grit Locations (pdf)

Co-operation with the Irish Farmers' Association and/or other similar organisation(s) during Severe Weather Events will be facilitated when required.

Salt Bins

Provision of Salt Bins in Estates

Salt bins and a fill of salt are being offered to a limited number of Residents' Associations and/or Community Groups on a shared funding basis.

  1. The Council is in a position on a once-off basis to subsidise the provision and filling of bins in a maximum of 100 estates (10 per Municipal District). Only one bin per estate will be considered - location to be agreed with the Municipal District Engineer. If necessary, estates will be prioritised on the basis of (a) the number of houses involved and (b) the gradients in the estate. Residents' Associations/Community Councils must apply, in writing, to their local Municipal District Engineer in order to be considered.
  2. The Council will only deal with bona fide Residents' Associations/Community Councils, who are prepared to take responsibility for the bin, its contents, and spreading of salt.
  3. An 800-litre bin with a lock will be provided. Smaller bins of 400 litres or 260 litres are also available if requested.
  4. Initial payment of €50 will be required (Actual cost is approx. €250 - €180 for the bin, plus additional €70 for salt). This represents subsidisation of 80% of the cost.
  5. Any accessories, such as shovels, will not be provided by the Council.
  6. Each Residents' Association/Community Council will be responsible for the maintenance and safe operation of the gritting operations.  

Salt Bin Application Form (pdf)

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