NEWSTART Literacy Programme

NEWSTART is an Early Years literacy programme supporting Numeracy, Literacy and Writing skills.

NEWSTART, supported by the Department of Rural & Community Development and Dormant Account funds, is a free programme which offers literacy information, practical videos and TTRS (Touch-Type Read and Spell), a multi-sensory online course that teaches touch-typing, reading and spelling at the same time.

It aims to support children with reading, writing, spelling and counting, keyboard skills and literacy issues including dyslexia and dyspraxia incorporating advice and input from registered professionals in the field, delivered via online and print content. 

NEWSTART Literacy Information Booklet (pdf) provides help to parents and carers to support their child with Numeracy, Literacy and Writing. It is full of valuable advice including book recommendations, story time skills, early reader lists and homework hints. This programme is available through all of the library branches and mobile libraries of Cork County Council Library and Arts Service.

Jess Kennedy (MyOT&Me)

Dolores Casey, Executive Librarian, Child and School Services, chats to Jess Kennedy, Occupational Therapist from MYOT&ME about how to deal with issues that arise with a child who has a sensory difficulties. The topics discussed are how to get your child to sit still, school and homework and managing their organisational skills. There are three other videos by Jess with tips on play, fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Lorraine O’Donnell (MyDyslexiaTutor)

Dolores Casey, Executive Librarian, Child and School Services, chats to Lorraine O’Donnell, My Dyslexia Tutor about managing your child’s dyslexia diagnosis and how to manage emotions, social interactions, school and nurturing creativity.

TTRS: Touch-Type Read & Spell

Touch-Type Read Spell (TTRS) is a literacy-friendly, web-based touch-typing course which teaches touch-typing, reading and spelling at the same time. It is suitable for children from the ages of 7-8 years up. It is used by the Dyslexia Association and encompasses seeing, hearing and typing so is a multi-sensory program. It is part of the NEWSTART literacy programme offered by Cork County Council Library and Arts Service.

This programme aims to help children with: 
•    Reading, Writing, Spelling and Counting. 
•    Computer Keyboard Skills. 
•    Literacy issues such as dyslexia.

This programme would benefit:
•    Students who experience spelling, reading or writing difficulties. 
•    Students learning English as a second language (ESL).

This programme offers:
•    Step-by-step online TTRS tuition with feedback and scores. It can be accessed by students in school or at privately at home (requires a device with a keyboard attached). 
•    Informational videos with input from an Occupational Therapist and Dyslexia Tutor. 
•    Literacy information with help for reading, writing and numeracy.

For more information contact your local library branch or mobile library