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Public Lighting Information and Fault Reporting

Report Public Lighting or Street Light Fault

Report It - Public Lighting issues and information on how to report them:

If you wish to report a public lighting fault, please use the Electric Skyline Portal.

or Call Electric Skyline at: 1800 150 150.

Electric Skyline are contracted by Cork County Council to provide and maintain Public Lighting in Cork County.

You can report a fault directly to Electric Skyline.

You may need to provide the following information:

The town or village and street name.
The location of the light (for example, outside house number 5).
The number on the pole.
Your name and contact number.

Each pole is numbered

If the light isn’t numbered it is unlikely to be maintained by Electric Skyline and hence unlikely to be in the charge of Cork County Council. In this case, the developer of the estate is still responsible for the lights. Please report any faults on such lights to the developer.

Emergency Situations

Should you witness a street lighting unit being knocked over, or indeed any other situation you feel requires immediate attention, do not hesitate to contact Electric Skyline at the above number and emphasise that the matter is urgent. If you fear that a pole may be live as a result of an accident or whatever and if you fail to get an immediate response from Electric Skyline due to out of hours etc. you should ring the ESB Emergency number at 1800 372 999 and report the matter and the ESB will make the site safe.

Further Information

Cork County Council Public Lighting Manual and Product Specification 2023 (pdf)

Taking in charge Application form for Public Lighting (doc)