A cable car carrying people across an expanse of water to an Island

Dursey Island Cable Car

Welcome to Dursey Island

Dursey Island is situated off the southwest coast of Ireland, on the western tip of the Beara Peninsula in West Cork.  It is one of the few inhabited islands off the southwest coast.  This scenic island is 5.6km², stretching 6.5km long and 1.5km wide. 

A narrow stretch of water, called the Dursey Sound, separates the island from the mainland.  Ireland's only cable car, the Dursey Cable Car, connects the island to the mainland.  It is operated and managed by Cork County Council.  Originally opened on 5th December, 1969, the cable car is the only one in Europe to cross open seawater.  Although the service was established to support islanders, who often faced isolation during inclement weather conditions due to the hazardous tidal race in the Dursey Sound, it is now predominantly used by tourists and island farmers.

There are no shops, pubs or restaurants on the island, making it a tranquil paradise which is popular with walkers.  The Dursey Island Loop is a marked walking trail which takes you on a 14km loop of the island.  It is also a favourite for whale, dolphin and bird watchers.  Rare birds from Siberia and America have been sighted there.  The island also boasts many historical features including the ruins of a church said to have been founded by monks from Skellig Michael, a Napoleonic-era signal tower, a castle built by O’Sullivan Bere and several standing stones.

The popularity of the cable car service has significantly grown over the last number of years, with visitor numbers increasing year on year. The cable car can accommodate 6 passengers at a time, with the trip of 374 metres taking seven and a half minutes each way, a truly unique experience.

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