Families in Cork Receive Free Cloth Nappy Starter Kits to Tackle the Environmental Impact of Disposable Nappies

. Pictured at the launch of the Cloth Nappy Initiative at CUMH are expectant mothers and staff members Midwife Roisin O’Connor and Dr Cathy Rowland, SpR with Dr Cathy Burke, Consultant Gynaecologist / Obstetrician, Cork University Maternity Hospital.

Cork County Council has joined with Munster local authorities to launch The Cloth Nappy Incentive Scheme, an initiative to tackle the environmental impact of disposable nappies.

Through this scheme, a limited number of cloth nappy starter kits will be available to antenatal patients at Cork University Maternity Hospital. The starter kit includes 10 cloth nappies, nappy inserts, a pack of 12 cloth wipes, a storage bag for used nappies and information on the use of cloth nappies and wipes.

The ten nappies provided in the bundle are mostly pocket style nappies which can be used from 10lbs to potty training by altering the size of the nappy using the poppers. Pocket nappies consist of a waterproof outer layer, a stay-dry inner lining, and an open pocket area in between the two layers where an absorbent insert(s) can be placed. Pocket inserts can be made from a variety of materials, such as microfibre, bamboo, cotton, bamboo cotton blends, organic cotton, hemp, or combinations of these materials and can be paired together to provide the desired level of absorbency.

Participants in the scheme will take part in a follow-up survey to look at their experiences with the nappies and wipes.

Managed by the environmental NGO VOICE, the rollout of the scheme is led by Cork County Council and Cork City Council, with additional support from Kerry County Council, Limerick City and County Council, and Tipperary County Council.

To take part, apply through VOICE by visiting https://www.voiceireland.org/cloth-nappy-incentive-scheme